Silver Leaf Handled Laser Engraved Knives


Product Description

Classic Pocket Knives: Silver Leaf Handled Laser Engraved Knives

  • Classic pocket knives make great gifts, especially when they are personalized. 
  • Set yourself apart with a quality pocket knife that is monogrammed and has a beautiful silver leaf handle.
  • This personalized pocket knife has a safety lock back mechanism for safety reasons.
Enjoy a classic high quality pocket knife that features a beautiful silver leaf color handle with a pearl-glazed finish. To individualize your pocket knife, personalize it with your name or a special someone’s name. A monogrammed pocket knife will make it personal and meaningful. It is designed with a safety lock back mechanism to help prevent accidents. The clip is stainless, and the art blade has a satin finish. The bolster is unique because of the reverse-etched beautiful silver leaf design. Buy a personalized pocket knife today for an affordable price.
  • Size 3 ½ inches closed
  • Safety lock back mechanism
  • Quality pocket knife with a beautiful silver leaf color handle
**Please Note:  You have to send your desired “Name” for Laser engraving instructions during checkout.  When you view your Shopping Cart you will see this entry section titled 'Special Instructions for Seller'. Please list names to be engraved on knife handle(s) in that area.  If you are purchasing more than one knife list all Names in this area separated by commas.  We cannot ship products without Laser engraving name instructions.